Professional Gutter Installations & Their Importance

An Efficient Rainwater Management System

Equipping your home with a highly efficient gutter system should be one of your top priorities. Without them, your home is subjected to a variety of issues including damages to your foundation, landscaping, fascia, and more. At LeafGuard of Connecticut, we have the only one-piece, seamless gutter system designed with a built-in hood that keeps your gutters clog-free for life. Furthermore, we have several colors from which you can choose for your new low-profile gutter system. Plus, the ScratchGuard® paint finish removes any concern of your paint chipping, cracking, or scratching. To ensure a perfect installation of your new gutter system, we suggest trusting our gutter professionals. Our installation teams have years of experience in the field and make sure that your new LeafGuard system fully protects your home from the damaging effects of rainwater.

The Benefits of Professional Installations:

  • On-Site Formation: Our gutters are formed on-site right in front of your home. This is to ensure a quick turnaround time so you can enjoy a clog-free gutter system sooner. Additionally, the seamless, one-piece design requires the exact measurements of your home for the extrusion process, which our installers take on the day of installation.
  • Absolute Fit: Since we take the exact measurements needed and form our gutters on-site, an absolute fit is assured. The custom-built system won’t give off the impression of an afterthought of which so many other gutter systems are guilty.
  • Peace of Mind: Our gutter system comes with a clog-free lifetime guarantee. This means that if our gutters prove deficient or clog, then our gutter professionals will come out and repair or clean them out for free. Furthermore, our gutter system carries the Good Housekeeping Seal, meaning they also carry the Good Housekeeping limited warranty.
  • Superior Rainwater Management: The sleek one-piece, seamless design makes our gutters highly effective when dealing with rainwater flowing off of your roof. Additionally, the internal hangers provide them with an increase in strength and durability to make them capable of handling the heaviest rainfalls.

Trusted Gutter Experts in

The reason we have garnered such a strong reputation in Connecticut is because of the quality installations we perform. After all, a gutter system is only as efficient as the installation allows it to be. If your new system is improperly installed, then the benefits will be severely reduced. A poor installation can lead to exposure of your fascia, sagging, and many other issues. At LeafGuard of Connecticut, we ensure that none of these issues plague your home. Our gutter systems are even backed by the Good Housekeeping warranty, which is a two year guarantee that if the product proves defective then your product will be replaced or reimbursed. To learn more about our seamless gutter system, contact us today for a free consultation.