LeafGuard Gutters vs. Other Gutter Protection Systems

The Need for Our One-Piece, Seamless Gutter System

Many gutter systems are severely lacking in one very significant area and that area is protection. Granted, they are designed to protect your home but the issue is what protects your gutters from clogging with debris. Typically, there is nothing specifically designed for an individual gutter system. It’s for this reason that the market is flooded with several “one size fits all” gutter guards. These gutter protection systems include your varieties of gutter screen, covers, and curved hoods. Unfortunately, these guards don’t fit all and often end up making your gutter system look like an unplanned afterthought. Furthermore, many of them lack the protective qualities you were initially seeking. This results in a gutter system that is unattractive and inefficient, which greatly reduces a home’s curb appeal and protection from rainwater damage.

LeafGuard: The Solution to Gutter Protection and Efficiency

The LeafGuard system’s outstanding design creatively combines low-maintenance beauty with spectacular efficiency to create a single high-quality gutter protection system. Its defining quality is the curved hood that is formed as a part of the gutter to create an all-in-one system that sheds debris and continues to redirect water. Not only is this great for keeping your gutter system clog-free, it’s also great for your roof since you don’t have to worry about voiding its warranty. Other protection systems require placement under the first row of shingles, which runs the risk of voiding the warranty. Our system never touches the shingles. Our gutters are supported by an internal bracket system that screw directly into your fascia. You’ll never have to worry about cleaning your gutters again once you have our LeafGuard gutter system installed on your home.

Fully Covered One-Piece Gutter System

The fully built-in curved hood of our one-piece, seamless gutter system makes it one of the most reliable clog-free systems available and the only one of its kind. The principle of liquid adhesion and oversized downspouts allow for even the heaviest amounts of rainfall to continually flow into the gutter system to be redirected away from your home. The non-corrosive internal hangers are provide our gutter system with enhanced strength to give them support during the strongest of storms. At LeafGuard of Connecticut, we’ve made it a point to carry one of the highest rated gutter systems available so anyone can upgrade the protection of their home. Don’t miss out on one of the best rainwater management systems available and contact us today to schedule a free consultation about our spectacular LeafGuard gutter system.