That Advantages of One-Piece, Seamless Gutter Systems

Enhance Your Rainwater Management System

The effectiveness of your rainwater management system is greatly affected by its design. Unfortunately, too many systems in the industry lack the quality design to keep rainwater from damaging your home. At LeafGuard of Connecticut, our one-piece, seamless gutter protection system uses an innovative, patented design to increase its effectiveness, aesthetic, and ability to stay clog-free. It’s due to its design that our gutter system has earned the approval of the Good Housekeeping Institute and carries their reputable seal. The seal is proof of our gutter system’s effectiveness and if the system proves to be defective over the first two years of purchase, the Good Housekeeping warranty will take care of it.

One-Piece, Seamless Gutter Protection System

The seamless design and one-piece construction provides our gutter system with a low-maintenance quality that no other gutter system possesses. The primary difference is the built-in hood that keeps the gutter trough clear of debris, which means you never have to worry about clogs. Furthermore, the one piece of extruded aluminum from which our gutters are made presents no seams through which water can leak, whereas sectional gutter systems require connection via snapping or welding. The lack of seams means there’s no need for constant maintenance and resealing to prevent leaking at the seams.

One of the best features of our seamless gutters is that they are roll-formed on-site from one-piece of heavy-duty aluminum with the cover formed into the gutter itself. That’s what makes the design of LeafGuard’s one-piece piece system so unique. Other gutter systems require or come with a separate piece for the cover that is attached via your roof or internal brackets. Our gutters actually have a cover built into them, which makes them the only true seamless, one-piece gutter system.

Exceptional Gutter Design & Installation

At LeafGuard of Connecticut, we employ only the finest installers and representatives in order to provide you with stellar service and information about our wonderful products. Each of our installers are professionally trained to ensure that your home gets equipped with the perfect-fitting gutter system. We make this happen by utilizing our “factory on wheels” in which we custom form your gutter system on site to the exact measurements of your home. Our installation process also includes special internal brackets that are screwed into your fascia board to provide extra support and strength to your new gutter system. Let your home transcend the current gutter standard by contacting us today for a free gutter consultation!