LeafGuard Gutters: Seamless Beauty & Quality Protection

Maintain Curb Appeal and Structural Integrity for Your Home

Gutters systems are designed to serve two primary purposes with the main one being redirecting rainwater away from your home and the other being maintaining its curb appeal. Redirecting water from your home is the most important function because it prevents water damage to the foundation, fascia, landscaping, etc. of your home. The secondary function of preserving the curb appeal of your home is performed by the seamless beauty and elegant curvature of the gutter system’s sleek one-piece design. In addition to these qualities, our gutters are also designed to remain clog-free by integrating a built-in curved hood that completely covers the top of the gutter trough. Despite the top being covered, water is still able to make its way into the trough by adhering to the surface of the cover and flowing over its gentle curvature and into the front-facing entrance.

Physics in Action with Liquid Adhesion

The principle of liquid adhesion is what makes the LeafGuard gutter system work. The water adheres to the smooth and rounded surface of the hood and travels into the gutter trough via the front-facing entrance. The soft curve at the face of the hood allows the adhesion to continue until the water reaches end that is inside the gutter. While all of this takes place, the hood continues to shed any debris that would clog any other gutter system. Even pine needles cannot make their way into our gutters system. The benefit of our systems oversized downspouts keeps even the heaviest amounts of rainwater flowing safely away from the base of your home.

Proven Efficiency & Quality in LeafGuard

The quality and efficiency or our LeafGuard system has been proven time and again on homes across the nation, including those in and surrounding areas. In fact, the gutter systems we carry at LeafGuard of Connecticut have earned the Good Housekeeping Institute’s approval and carry their seal as a testament to this. It’s the proven quality of our gutter systems that have made us one of the most trusted installers in the industry. Not only is our product of the highest quality but each of our installers have been expertly trained to provide you with a perfectly fitting gutter system. Start enjoying quality protection and exception beauty for your home today by contacting us about our magnificent gutter protection system.