Innovative Design with an “All in One” Gutter System

Impactful Design for High-Quality Gutter Protection

The gutter protection system we carry at LeafGuard of Connecticut is the only “all-in-one” gutter solution available. The reason we can confidently refer to it as an “all in one” system is because combines the qualities of a gutter protection system with those of a standard gutter system into one sleek package. The gutter is extruded from one piece of heavy-duty aluminum to create a seamless gutter trough with a built-in hood. The curved hood completely covers the top of the gutter but still allows water to flow into the front facing entrance based on the principle of liquid adhesion. Meanwhile, any debris that may fall onto the hood is harmlessly shed to ground. This system looks absolutely beautiful on homes and does a superior job of protecting them from water damage.

Designed and Engineered to Protect Your Home:

  • Seamless Design: Our seamless gutter system takes away the worry of leaks occurring at worn seals since they don’t call for sealants. This also means that you don’t have to constantly reapply sealants or welds throughout the year, which dramatically cuts down on maintenance.
  • One-Piece, Built-in Protection: LeafGuard is the only true one-piece gutter protection system with a built-in hood. This means there’s no need to purchase any aftermarket gutter covers to prevent clogs since it’s built onto the system.
  • Installation: By using screws instead of nails or spikes, we greatly reduce the chance of sagging or falling gutters. The internal hangers we use also prevent any contact with your roof, keeping its warranty intact. They also provided extra strength and support to the entire system.
  • Beauty & Appeal: Our gutter system provides low profile beauty with a sleek built-in hood that will not damage your roof line so your home keeps its high curb appeal. Additionally, we use ScratchGuard® paint finish to prevent color from chipping, peeling, or cracking.

Protect Your Curb Appeal with LeafGuard Gutters

The patented one-piece seamless LeafGuard gutter system is a proven product that has earned its reputation by performing spectacularly for homes in and surrounding areas. The Good Housekeeping Institute has even recognized it as an outstanding product worthy of brandishing the Good Housekeeping Seal. Qualities and design innovations like our oversized downspouts internal hangers have put our gutters leagues ahead of the competition. Don’t mess around when it comes to gutters and gutter protection systems and invest in the only “all-in-one” gutter system. Contact us today to get started with a free consultation!