Convenience & Professionalism with LeafGuard Installation

On-Site Gutter Formation at Your Convenience

One of the things to consider when it comes to replacing or installing gutters on your home is timing. At LeafGuard of Connecticut, we understand that many homeowners have rather busy schedules and can’t really afford waiting around on installers all day. This is especially true if you choose a low-quality installer that gets the measurements of your home wrong. It’s for reasons like these that we schedule an installation time at your convenience. We will show up at the designated time and take the exact measurement needed as we prepare your home for the new gutter installation. Once the prep work is done, we use our “factory on wheels” to roll-form your new gutter system right in front of your home. This drastically cuts down on production time and eliminates the possibility of having ill-fitting gutters installed on your home.

Our Gutter Installation Process:

  • Preparation & Measuring: Our installers come to your residence and remove your old gutter system, if there is one. During this process, we also take exact measurements of the area that’s to be fitted with the new gutter system to ensure a perfect fit.
  • On-Site Formation: Once the measurements have been taken, our team roll-forms your new gutter system on-site using our factory on wheels. The gutter is formed using one continuous piece of heavy-duty aluminum to create a perfectly seamless gutter system that beautifully fits onto your home.
  • Internal Bracket System: After the gutter system is formed, we insert non-corrosive brackets into the gutter and space them every two feet apart. Once the brackets are in place, we seal the ends of the gutter to ensure that water doesn’t leak out.
  • Screwed on Installation: After the gutter is fully assembled with the internal hangers, we screw the system to your home’s fascia board. The use of screws ensure that the gutters won’t sag or pull away. Additionally, the screws are applied above the water line to make sure that water can’t seep into the fascia to cause wood rot.

The Last Gutter System You’ll Ever Need

After the installation of your new LeafGuard gutter system is complete, you’ll be enjoying a low-maintenance lifestyle in which you’ll never have to dig through gutter gunk ever again. In addition to the clog-free convenience, our gutters also provide you with a beautiful new look for your home that will last for years. This is because of the ScratchGuard® paint finish we apply to all of our gutter installations. ScratchGuard® ensures that the paint of your gutters won’t ever chip, scratch, or peel. Stop suffering through clogged gutters and flooded basements and contact us to schedule your free gutter consultation today!